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Fabrizio Frescura

Fabrizio Frescura is an assistant professor at the Department of Information and Electronic Engineering (DIEI) of the University of Perugia since January 2005, where he is the lecturer of the courses (in Italian language) "Elaborazione Numerica dei Segnali" and "Elaborazione Digitale dei Segnali per le Telecomunicazioni" ("Digital Signal Processing" and "Digital Signal Processing for Telecommunications").

He received the Laurea degree (magna cum laude) in electronic engineering from the University of Perugia in 1992, and the Ph. D. degree in telecommunications in 1997. Since 1992 he has been involved in research activities focused on DSP, modem architecture for Software radio, ODFM technique for Wireless LAN, Digital Audio and Video Broadcasting, and Video/Image compression.

He was the "advising professor" of the winning team of the"Texas Instruments 1997 DSP Solution Challenge", a worldwide competition involving more than 250 projects from universities. From 1999 to 2000 he has been working in Texas Instruments France in a project for the definition of an hardware and software architecture for a "Search & RAKE Coprocessor" for 3G Base Station. He is presently representative of University of Perugia in the "TI Elite University Program".

In 2000 he was co-founder of the university spin-off company Digilab2000.

Since 2001 he coordinates the research activity of DSPLAB of University of Perugia. The main activities are related to DSP for Image/Video processing and transmission, and DSP implementation.

In 2004 he was co-founder of the university spin-off company Mediatech. He was technical director in the project for the first Video-on-Demand solution in the Wireless Local Loop Infrastructure (for TeleUnit S.p.A) and in the project for the first real-time wireless video-projector (for Di.COM S.p.A.).

Since 2002 he joined the standardization committee ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 29/WG 1. He is co-editor ad co-chair of the JPWL (JPEG 2000 Wireless) AHG (Ad Hoc Group) and co-editor of D-Cinema AHG.

He is scientific coordinator for Digilab2000 of the European Specific Targeted Research Project IST call 2 "Layered Compression Technologies for Digital Cinematography and Cross Media Conversion" WorldScreen, for Digital Cinema. He is scientific coordinator for Digilab2000 of the European Specific Targeted Research Project FP6/2005/IST/4.1 "EDCine – Enhanced Digital Cinema".

The scientific activity is proven by about 80 papers published on peer-reviewed international journals, proceedings of international conferences, and contributions to international organization standards.

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