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System for detecting pacing pulses in electrocardiogram signals

Publication typePatent
Year of publication2009
AuthorsPaolo Banelli and Alessandro Polpetta
TitleSystem for detecting pacing pulses in electrocardiogram signals
Journal title
EditorUniversità degli Studi di Perugia
DateJune 2009
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Key words
AbstractA method and a system for detecting pacing pulses in electrocardiogram (ECG) signals are presented. The method, and system are able to detect pacing pulses even when the ECG waveforms have low signal-to-electromyographic-noise (EMG) ratios. The system can be, in an exemplary embodiment, a part of a generic electrocardiograph. Shortly, in a first step, in order to prevent pacing pulse widening and thus their superimposition to physiological ECG components, the anolog ECG signal of a patient having a pacemaker is digitalised employing a high sampling rate,- thus, in a second step, the method detects the pacing pulses by means of a non-linear filtering (potentially after a linear filtering step) whose output is compared with a threshold.
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