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Protection ratio and antenna separation for DVB-T/LTE coexistence issues

Publication typeJournal paper
Year of publication2013
AuthorsGiuseppe Baruffa, Mauro Femminella, Francesco Mariani, and Gianluca Reali
TitleProtection ratio and antenna separation for DVB-T/LTE coexistence issues
Journal titleIEEE Communications Letters
DateAugust 2013
ISSN number1089-7798
ISBN number
Key wordsLTE, E–UTRA, DVB–T, interference analysis, protection ratio, picture failure
AbstractThis paper concerns the analysis of adjacent channel interference of the 3GPP Long Term Evolution (LTE) E–UTRA (Evolved Universal Terrestrial Radio Access) mobile systems into Digital Video Broadcasting – Terrestrial (DVB–T) systems. The simulated performance of both systems allows us to define recommendations for minimizing the interference effects. The subjective quality of the received TV signal has been evaluated experimentally in terms of picture failure (PF).We also investigated the importance of the selection of suitable Spectral Emission Masks (SEMs) of the LTE downlink transmission. Results show that, by using the ECC 148 SEM, both the protection ratio and the minimum distance between LTE towers and DVB–T receivers can be significantly decreased.
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