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I have had a positive feedback of a CQJ2K-encoded DCP played back on a Doremi DCP 2000.

It lasts 40 seconds, every 8 seconds there is a bitrate increase, and the bitrate value is highlighted in subtitles.

Courtesy Pietro Clarici, Politeama Clarici, Foligno (Italy)

Software tests

  • EasyDCP player - detects some errors in the codestreams (depending on player version, they are signalled or not)
  • Stereoscopic Player - works fine 
  • dcp_inspect - couple of errors in XML schemas (not related to the codec itself, however, and already corrected)

Hardware tests

  • Doremi DCP 2000 - works fine (thanks P. Clarici)
  • Doremi IMB-4K - works fine in 2K mode  (thanks P. Clarici)
  • XDC CineStore Solo G3 - works fine (thanks W. Woehl)
Last update: 2017-08-02, 15:45:39