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Multimedia signal processing (4762)

Degree in Electronics and telecommunications engineering [LM-29] D. M. 270/2004

Course ECTS code 2015 - 7671 


In order to completely understand the many techniques described in this teaching, it is important having taken or at least having followed the lectures of the course of Digital Signal Processing. Topics covered in the course require knowledge of some basic mathematical/algebraic tools such as the Fourier transform, the convolution integral, the operations on matrices and vectors. A basic understanding of the MATLAB & C programming languages is welcome, in order to understand and successfully take part to computer exercises.

Course content 

This course provides the students with mathematical tools and algorithms used to manage and process discrete multimedia signals, i.e., with both audio and video streams. In particular, a deeper understanding of digital image processing plays a central role during the whole lecture cycle.
Main arguments of the course are: 

1) Digital image fundamentals 
2) Image and video enhancement in spatial and frequency domains 
3) Color image and video processing
4) Wavelets and multi-resolution
5) Image and video compression
6) Audio compression

The course, for a total of 72 hours (9 ECTS credits), is organized in the following way:

- face-to-face lectures in classroom on the course arguments (≅60 hrs)
- classroom exercises with the PC, concerning the simulation and practical implementation of the techniques presented during the lectures ( ≅12 hrs))
- demos at the Digital Signal Processing laboratory  (≅2 hrs) 

You will receive necessary expertise for

1) using C and MATLAB languages for designing and implementing image, audio and video processing systems
2) analyzing the operational bounds of an image, audio, and video compression system
3) reasonably choosing the most appropriate compression method for an audio or video source

Lectures are given during the second semester (feb-may). 

Recommended reading

- R. C. Gonzalez, R. E. Woods, Digital Image Processing, 3° edizione, Prentice Hall, 2008 
- M. Vetterli, J. Kovacevic, Wavelets and Subband Coding, On-line, 2007
- G. Baruffa, Multimedia signal processing: An advanced course (PDF)
- Lecture slides & handwritten notes (PDF)

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