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The aim of this project or, better, of this web page, is to offer to the interested enthusiast (?) the possibility to simulate the information flow of a DVB-T system. As you know, DVB is an European consortium that has implemented a new digital television broadcasting standard.

What do I want to do? I want to create a program that picks up an MPEG-2 encoded transport stream in order to drop down a digital baseband signal. All in simple and pure C.

Moreover, the demodulator will be studied and implemented, too. At last, a set of accessory tools, such as fading channel simulators and phase/frequency error simulators, will complete this effort. Please check the C development section to know more.

There is also an effort to develop the complete DVB-T transmitter not only in software, but also in hardware. Please check the VHDL development section.

Please remember that all these programs are offered to the community absolutely for free: if you find/have found them to be useful, what do you think about donating some Euro?

Check this page often (really, not so often!), and you will find the schedule of past and future achievements.

Work progress

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